Intro to Pixel Art & Animation


Intro to Pixel Art & Animation Intro to Pixel Art & Animation

Remember Mega Man?  How about Double Dragon?  Well, surely you remember Mario Bros!?  In the golden age of video games, the pixel reigned supreme and today, the queen is making her comeback.  From the latest titles like Death Road to Canada and Undertale to recent insta-classics like Fez and Super Meat Boy, pixel art is attracting a new generation of gamers and artists.


Maybe it’s our nostalgia for days-gone-by or maybe we just really, really like the way pixels look; either way pixel art is a great skill to learn and a whole-lot-a fun to make!  In Intro to Pixel Art & Animation we work pixel-by-pixel, frame-by-frame to bring our 16-bit heroes (and villains!) to life.  We also create strange alien landscapes, commanding castles (or cute pink ones) and maybe even an evil turtle or two.  

And oh yeah, on the first day of class, everyone gets to remake themselves in pixel form. That’s right: pixel self-portraits!