Intro to Gamemaker

Game Design

In Intro to Gamemaker, students learn to create 2D games with Gamemaker, a powerful game development platform with wide appeal among Indie-game developers.  And it’s appealing for good reason: it has native drag-and-drop programming functionality that allows beginning developers to start making stuff right away, without the need for programming knowledge!  But it’s also robust: after learning drag-and-drop, users can utilize GML (Gamemaker Language), a powerful and unique programming language built right into Gamemaker. In Intro to Gamemaker, students learn how to make an action-packed platformer like Mario Brothers or a simple RPG similar to Legend of Zelda.  And with a name like Gamemaker, it kinda gets you thinking: what if real life came with such simple programs?  Foodmaker…  Dish-doer…  Moneygrower?