Experimental Digital Photography


In Experimental Digital Photography, DSLR cameras are our tool for discovering and redefining the world around us. Wide open apertures and super-slow shutters, motion blurs and trails of light… this is the stuff of experimental photography. We learn the rules by breaking them and through experimentation we discover the true nature of how our cameras work.  Let’s face it: learning how to take a “perfect” photograph can be daunting. Students in this course learn the rules by breaking them. We crank up the ISO to take the grainiest photos we can. We open the aperture so wide that no shadow can escape. It’s through these radical techniques that students learn the how and why of their cameras and the joy of taking photographs.

Age Group: Grades 1-5
Locations: 1

Location: Stough Elementary (Raleigh, NC)
Mondays, 3:45-5:45pm
September 10-November 19, 2018

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