Intro to Game Design with Unity3D

Game Design

In Intro to Game Design with Unity3D, students learn the fundamentals of one of the most popular 3D game engines in today’s industry.  Unity3D is used by professional video game developers as well as enthusiasts to create engaging, fun and even thought-provoking games across many genres.  We’ll learn how to design a realistic solar system from Unity3D’s assets, author a challenging roller ball game and create an exciting space-shooter, because space + shooter = awesome!  And each student will leave with several playable games that they made themselves. Just think about the bragging rights! I mean, did you make a video game?

Age Group: Grades 6-8
Locations: 2

Location 1: West Cary Middle School (Raleigh, NC)
Tuesdays, 2:15-4:15pm
September 11-December 4, 2018

Location 2: Martin Middle School (Raleigh, NC)
Wednesdays, 2:30-4:30pm
September 12-December 5, 2018

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