3D Animation with Blender


Imaginations come to life with Blender:  a powerful, open-source 3D modeling and animation program used in movies like Spiderman 2, Sintel and Big Buck Bunny.  Who hasn’t dreamt of creating a fire-breathing, 3D animated dragon named Moidiss or modeling a new race of aliens from planet Z9 bent on total annihilation?  In 3D Animation with Blender, our students are introduced to what makes CGI (computer generated imagery) tick; we start with the basics and then get crazy.  And by the end of class, students will have created their first 3D model so real it could almost move, and it does! And look, now it wants us to take it to our leader.  And now, uh oh, hey watch where you’re pointing that ray gun! Hey let me go! Heeelp!!!