What’s The AV Club?
We provide Digital media, Coding & Design classes for kids and adults!

The AV Club offers digital media, coding & design classes for kids and adults through our after-school programs and continuing education courses. We help kids use computers as tools for creativity and innovation – not just as entertainment machines (we cover the “T” in STEM big-time!). For adults, we provide comprehensive and engaging classes for personal and professional development. We offer classes in digital photography, game design, coding, animation, illustration, web development, app coding, engineering and more!

We provide our own state-of-the-art equipment, including touch-screen laptops, nothing-to-be-sneezed at DSLR cameras and industry standard software. Point is: we’re not messing around. We take digital media and tech education seriously. And we seriously think everyone will have an awesome time learning how to take photographs, make video games, code and bring their amazing ideas to life. In our classes we teach college-level concepts on cutting-edge equipment, giving kids a huge jumpstart on learning coding, game design and all things digital media.

At The AV Club, fun comes first and learning comes first and MAKING AWESOME STUFF comes first and okay, everything comes first! But most of all, our students come first because learning digital media and technology can be pretty challenging and The AV Club’s primary mission is to make your or your child’s experience with it fun, exciting and approachable.

Check Out Our Classes!
We offer classes in photography, coding, design and more!

You’ll find our classes are fun, challenging and affordable.  We don’t teach fluff.  We teach with the same software and equipment standard in the digital media and tech industries.  Professional illustrators and designers use touch-screen computers, so our students use touch-screen computers. Photographers and content creators use DSLR cameras and vector art programs, so our students use DSLR cameras and vector art programs. We help prepare our students for futures in the digital media and technology industries by teaching them the stuff that matters.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are specialists in the classes they teach. We care about the quality of our instructors both in terms of their expertise, teaching abilities and the quality of their interactions with students. We know stuff like coding and motion graphics can be pretty intimidating. That’s why our instructors are the most patient, enthusiastic and approachable you’ll meet.

Our Mission

At The AV Club we believe kids should turn their passive interest in digital media and technology into a productive one.  If they’re going to spend time playing video games then why shouldn’t they learn how to create them?  And for adults, we believe digital media and tech knowledge is both a great pastime and a major professional advantage. Computer and digital media knowledge has gone from a plus on a resume to an absolute must.  What you or your child learn at The AV Club will be a huge advantage down the road. That’s why it’s never too early OR too late to start coding and designing! If knowledge is power then tech knowledge is superpower!

How does pricing work?

Our students pay a flat fee for each course they enroll in, with package discounts available. The AV Club strives to provide quality digital media & tech instruction to ALL students, not just the ones who can afford it.  That’s why when you book a course you will be given an option to contribute a donation to our need-based scholarship program Nerdy Hearts.  Through the Nerdy Hearts fund, we aim to provide affordable and/or totally free courses to children of low-income families each year. Please consider donating!

Information for Parents

The AV Club takes digital media and tech education seriously! That’s why in all of our classes we teach college-level concepts. We also take classroom management seriously, so all of our students can have a seriously great time! Please read over our Rules & Regulations carefully before the start of class!