Digital Storytelling with Alice


Storytelling with Alice Storytelling with Alice

Alice is a multi-functional, drag-and-drop programming platform developed specifically to teach kids in a fun and unintimidating way.  Teach what, exactly? Well, that’s the beauty of Alice: it teaches kids a little bit of everything – coding, game design, animation, interactive storytelling, filmmaking and more.

In Digital Storytelling with Alice, students create productions using several of Alice’s built-in 3D assets and models, with the goal of telling a story.  It can be a linear, non-linear, interactive or traditional narrative. Students can bring their viewer to the bottom of the sea where the seals converse in English (naturally) or to the outer-limits of space where men in tuxedos quote Shakespeare.  

With Alice, students learn the art of camera movement, dialogue, continuity, narrative structure, animation, computer programming and full-blown, utter silliness!